Chadebec bouscule l’affiche -1- L’affiche, un art au service de la prévention (1/4)

Título traducido al inglés

Chadebec shakes up poster design- 1-THE POSTER ART SERVING RISK PREVENTION (1/4)

Película: Duración en minutos

06.24 minutos


The film traces the career of Bernard Chadebec, graphic-designer at INRS for 40 years. Chadebec enables us to understand what a security poster is and gives us an insight into how the graphic-designer communicates messages through his artwork. The documentary situates his art in a social and artistic context. After having collected the testimonies of Chadebec as well as of specialists, the film director gives a portray of his artwork in four illustrated sequences. This first film sequence describes what a poster on security is and how Bernard Chadebec gets the prevention messages of the INRS across.

Mensaje del medio

Beyond the description of a poster in public, the film stresses the fact that a poster aims at modifying the behaviour of the beholder. In the framework of prevention of occupational risks, this medium is perfectly adapted: a poster on safety can pass a message in the specific context of an occupational activity and thus reduce the risks of an accident or a disease that the employees of a company are exposed to.


In 2016, the film is presented to the visitors of the exposition dedicated to the piece of work of Bernard Chadebec at the Ecomuseum in Creusot-Montceau (France). This film was directed by Ludovic VIEUILLE.

Público objetivo

Visitors of the exposition (from 1 July to 15 November 2016) dedicated to the posters of Bernard Chadebec at the ecomuseum of Creusot-Monceau (France) The graphic designer, the fans of graphic design and ancient posters Persons made aware o

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Institut National de Recherche et de Sécurité pour la prévention des risques professionnels (INRS)
boulevard Richard Lenoir65, France-75011 Paris

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Girelle production
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