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Deutschland bewegt sich (Trailer und Prominenten-Clips)

Título traducido al inglés

Germany is moving (trailer and clip featruing VIP persons)

Película: Duración en minutos

Trailer: 1/2 Minute, Prominenten-Clips: jeweils ca. 1 1/2 Minuten minutos


Trailer for the campaign "Germany is moving!" It is about becoming and staying healthy and emphasises the importance of physical activity (preferebly 30 minutes daily the WHO recommendation). The ZDF (German public broadcaster) trailer explicitly invites "Get your back fit now!". Take care of a healthy back postures at the workplace, etc. The clips show VIP persons engaged in a sporting activity (e.g. baketball, running, tennis, golf, etc.). Thus they demonstrate how they equip and prepare themselves for the job and call the viewers for sports activities: "Germany is moving!" Join in - it´s worth it!

Mensaje del medio

The panacea physical activity helps with the widespread disease back pain; prevention (physical activity) is a key element, in particular at the workplace (inter alia sitting society and strain of the musculoskeletal system) Testimonials encourage to do more exercise. The tell a story design (own experiences) gives a high level of credibility.


In 2013, the health initiative "Germany is moving!" placed the setting approach "Health Promotion at the Workplace" in the forefront and thus the DGUV campaign "Think of me. Your back". The German television sports show of the ZDF has made the trailer part of the show for several weeks. Studies of the Deutsche Sporthilfe (German Sport Aid) and the German Sport University Cologne show the importance of celebrities as role models. The clips have been used in TV shows, Online (Germany is moving portal and as a cross-over communication (Augmented Reality to ads, posters, brochures).

Público objetivo

General public, in particular employees and employers (safety in the working environment)

Datos de contacto del editor

Helmut Fleischer Consulting GmbH
Wittelsbachstr.42, Germany-40629 Düsseldorf

Datos de contacto del empresa productora

Die Trailer wurden vom ZDF produziert, die Prominenten-Clips von der Firma ELLATV, Freseniusstr. 47, 65193 Wiesbaden
, Germany-