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Driver Hazard Spotting

Título traducido al inglés

Driver Hazard Spotting

Película: Duración en minutos

4 min Youtube tutorial & 6 min feature minutos

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Descripción del producto

This film takes you on a real interactive journey that Transport For London drivers frequently make. Scoreable interactive film SCORM compliant Tutorial on Youtube Written instructions to support user/viewer Users watch a tutorial and read written instructions on what to do. They try the interactive film and spot the hazards and aren't scored. They then watch the interactive film, spot the hotspots & see the learning points on what they spotted. At the end of the film they are scored and then shown what they missed and what are the learning points (or assets) that are attached to those hazards. Unlike traditional elearning the learning & testing is not separated. The user tests their knowledge of real hazards filmed on a common journey & their employer Transport for London has a record of their score and knows if they need further training.

Objetivos y metas

The message is safe driving. The key aim is to let drivers experience and be tested on real on road conditions through an interactive film. Using our unique learning technology you combine the interactivity of the web & realism of video.

This is the very first application of a brand new interactive film technology DAz (Dynamic Active Zones). Created & patented by Outtakes Ltd& Richard England & Professor Martin Wright from Gamelab/London Metropolitan University, DAz technology uniquely allows you to interact with moving objects and people in real film or video in a way that was previously only possible in computer graphics. Interactive film featuring real employees & real roads is far more interesting & immersive than traditional elearning and much cheaper and realistic than computer graphics. Responding to a film is compelling and links the hotspotted hazards to individual learning points.Every time you press (via Ipad) or mouse click on a hotspot you are scored. Random clicking can be penalised too. Scoring a user/view through SCORM tests their knowledge, gamifies the learning and can introduce a competitive element. DAz technology combines the interactivity of the web & realism of video.

Público objetivo

All drivers who work for Tubelines & London Underground which are all part of Transport For London.

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Outtakes Ltd
8-12 Creeksideunit B207, United Kingdom-SE8 3DX London

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Outtakes Ltd
8-12 Creeksideunit b207, United Kingdom-SE8 3DX London