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The FCOS Box opens to the visitors on www.eka-box.ch and informs on the issues safety and health at work in an interactive and entertaining manner. The guided tour takes visitors through different situations in the office, dealing with e.g. "ergonomic work" and "accident prevention". Other chapters, such as "office planning" and "work organisation", are rather dedicated to managers. Animated figures show how safety and health at work can be improved. They address issues that must be observed in the office in order to avoid accidents and health problems. The "Working ergonomically" chapter, for example, demonstrates how to adjust desks to the correct height and shows what makes a good office chair.

Objetivos y metas

With a little effort, safety and health at work can be improved in the office, thereby deriving great benefit for the company and its employees.

The media behaviour has changed significantly. A means of prevention has therefore been developed which consistently uses the possibilities of the internet and corresponds with the increasing need to use digital content. With the help of the FCOS Box, prevention is easily accessible.

Público objetivo

The FCOS Box is on the one hand aimed at managers and on the other hand at employees. Particular attention shall be paid to different needs.

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mit der Maus GmbH
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