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SAFE Work Manitoba - Level Up 2.0

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SAFE Work Manitoba - Level Up 2.0

Descripción del producto

Imagine strapping on your virtual reality goggles and being transported to a farm, warehouse, grocery store, restaurant or construction site. You’re a new employee, and you are surrounded by workplace hazards. Grease on the floor. Broken glass on store shelves. Co-workers not wearing proper Personal Protective Equipment. Hazardous chemicals stored improperly, or blocked emergency exits.

If you identify all the hazards—anywhere from three to six in any given workplace—you are then shown how each hazard could have harmed you. If you miss any hazards you are shown the proper way to address them to make the workplace safe.

This is Level Up 2.0 - a virtual reality (VR) experience to engage young people in learning about workplace safety.

We collaborated with a local interactive digital media company—Bit Space Development—to create the Level Up 2.0 VR game and made it available on a variety of platforms.

Platforms included a VR booth (experiential marketing), a download to play on a mobile phone with a VR viewer such as Google Cardboard and online (a first-person point-and-click version).

Experiential marketing

Pop-up booths offered people the full, hands-on experience of the Level Up 2.0 VR game. The booths were set up at movie theatres, malls, and Bell MTS Place (during a Manitoba Moose AHL hockey game)—all venues that we secured and coordinated. We promoted the VR booths through social media and the website, and enticed people at each location to participate in the VR experience by offering SAFE Work-branded phone pop-sockets or movie tickets. Each booth had about 50 – 100 youth try the VR simulation in a four-hour period.

The VR booths were operated by staff from SAFE Workers of Tomorrow (SWOT)—an organization funded by SAFE Work Manitoba to help educate young workers and other vulnerable workers on job safety. We trained the SWOT staff to set up and use the Level Up 2.0 VR simulation with participants and had them encourage people onsite to try the game. We then created a highlight reel of people playing the VR game and showed it on monitors at the pop-up booths to further entice people to try it. We also designed and produced pop-up banners to display at the events.

The booths proved to be an excellent opportunity to interact with the public and share SAFE Work information and branded resources.

The virtual reality world brought fun and valuable learning together, and the Level Up 2.0 VR campaign tactics successfully helped youth and supervisors take their safety knowledge to a new level.

Other tactics for the overall campaign promotion included television, radio, outdoor, online pre-roll, paid social media and the live pop-up events.

Participation incentives

A campaign contest was also part of Level Up 2.0. The contest was promoted in person, on TV and radio, and via the website. Visitors to the site were able to enter the contest by filling out a simple form or by using the hashtag #levelupmb on social media.


Below we outline our goals for the campaign and the results.

Goal 1

Educate youth to know what questions to ask when starting a new job, their rights and responsibilities and what they should learn in workplace training and orientation programs.


  • Pop-up events were well-attended, with about 50 to 100 youth and adults engaged in the game and with SAFE Work staff. Andrew Vani from True North Sports & Entertainment said “the fans had a blast trying out the VR experience. The staff were great as well.”
  • A survey about the VR experience was completed by 95 people. Of those, 94 said the Level Up 2.0 VR experience was enjoyable, 89 said it helped them be able to better identify workplace hazards and 88 said they would talk to their supervisor if they did not know how to do a task.
  • There were 5,955 visits to the campaign webpage (which included resources about workplace safety) during the campaign period and 1,850 contest entries.
  • The campaign video was viewed 20,939 times on YouTube.

Goal 2

Educate supervisors to be helpful and open to training young workers and provide them with the resources to do it.


  • SAFE Work resources for supervisors were downloaded 353 times.


Objetivos y metas

Level up your workplace safety knowledge.

If you're not sure about the safest way to get a job done, you're not alone. Level Up teaches you what to look for and how to fix safety issues at work.


The Opportunity

SAFE Work Manitoba is a division of the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba—an agency of the Government of Manitoba legislatively mandated to promote public awareness of workplace safety and health, as well as injury and illness prevention.

Young Manitobans are especially vulnerable as they begin their employment journey. They are inexperienced and may not know their rights and responsibilities as employees or understand potential hazards in the workplace. We know that young male workers, for example, are 40 per cent more likely to be injured at work than the general population.

SAFE Work wanted to focus on youth to counter the at-work safety risks they face and help them recognize work situations or requests that are unsafe and understand that they are empowered to create and demand safety for themselves and others. In doing this, we recognized that the opportunity to effectively reach young people with a safety message—one they might not typically be interested in—would be enhanced by offering them a cool, cutting-edge technology experience.

Audience Analysis

Future and current young workers aged 15 – 24 who represent about 16 per cent of the Manitoba workforce. Often their first employment experience is in the service/hospitality, retail or manufacturing sectors. They often lack training, relevant experience, confidence and knowledge of their right to safe working conditions. They are also less likely to think about safety or be interested in the topic, but they are receptive to information when delivered in an interesting, experiential way using technology.

Supervisors of young workers (who may be young workers themselves) who are role models for workers and are responsible for ensuring workers’ safety and health. They need to have the knowledge and resources available to keep their workplaces safe for their employees.

General public of Manitoba that may have opportunity to influence others to promote workplace health and safety through SAFE Work tools like Level Up as well as through the myriad of safety resources available through SAFE Work.

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Público objetivo

Young workers


Prevention for young workers

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