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Ergonomie im Friseursalon

Título traducido al inglés

Ergonomics at the hairdressing salon

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The online learning module deals with the issues ergonomic design and ergonomic working and is made up of 10 chapters that can be worked on in flexible manner depending on the requirements of the learners. Chapter 1 gives an introduction, raises awareness about the issue and gives information beyond the contents of the online learning module. The chapters 2 to 6 "workplace ergonomics" take a closer look to the topics floor coverings, light, interior decoration/furniture and aspects of occupational safety. The chapters 7 to 10 "ergonomic working conditions" deal with working positions, sitting and environment.

Objetivos y metas

The users explore the advantages of ergonomic work design and behaviour and receive specific, practice-relevant references for implementation in the hairdressing salon.

The alternative, client- and safety-oriented variant with company physician advice creates a form of support that engages entrepreneurs actively in the organisation of occupational safety and health. This includes initial and regular continuing training. To allow modern, flexible and individual learning in particular for small enterprises and reduce times of absance especially for small enterprises, the BGW offers on its portal online learning modules as an alternative to inclass training. The online services are structured by branches and provide learning modules, a virtual library, a glossary and a forum for exchange, a final test and electronical tutorial support. The subject of the submitted learning module is "ergonomics at the hairdressing salon"

Público objetivo

Entrepreneurs in the hairdressing sector who have chosen alternative, demand-oriented, safety-oriented support and onsite medical care.

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