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I Can, You Can, We All Can

Título traducido al inglés

I Can, You Can, We All Can

Película: Duración en minutos

2:10 minutos


In this music video, Cheryl emphasises that everyone plays a part in helping one another be safe at work.

Mensaje del medio

Encourage people at their workplace to practice safety & provide a healthier working exvironment not just for themselves but also for the sake of their colleagues/other employees. Let's not be oblivious to our surroundings.


This song was written by Cheryl Loon for the WSH Songwriting Competition. It was awarded runner-up at the launch of the National WSH Campaign 2016.

Público objetivo

Management, supervisors, workers and the public in general

National WSH Campaign

Premios recibidos

WSH Song Writing Competition - Runner Up

Datos de contacto del editor

Workplace Safety and Health Council
Bendemeer Road, #04-011500 - Ministry of Manpower Services Centre , Singapore-339946 Singapore

Datos de contacto del empresa productora

Shrewsbury Road31A - n.a. , Singapore-307814 Singapore