Les héros du Froid

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The heroes of the cold

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04:41 minutos

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Report of the enterprise Cotram / Sotram, which is specialized in the transport and logistics of fresh and frozen products. With 136 employees, they include more than 70 per cent of delivery drivers of the island. These employees work in a sometimes difficult night-shift environment. In 2006, the enterprise created a CHSCT with the aim of contributing to the protection of health and safety of the workers as well as of improving the working conditions. Cotram/Sotram put different activities into place in order to prevent the risks linked to the activity, by investing heavily in new vehicles and distribution techniques. With the creation of a senior plan, a device to improve the working conditions of older employees, the enterprise is also involved in prevention. This plan has been well received by the employees. The CHSCT is being supported and accompanied by the CGSS and by different structures in order to prevent the enterprise every day from risks.

Objetivos y metas

Reaffirm the significance of prevention for a responsible development of enterprises in Réunion. Define the aims to be carried out within the next years and encourage the enterprises to invest in the prevention of risks.

These films are real testimonies with educational messages and proximity to targeted enterprises. The reporter has immerged himself in the enterprise in order to meet the people interviewed about their workplace. In this context, the video allows people to easily identify with working situations in their enterprises, SMEs, SMIs and targeted artisans’ enterprises.

Público objetivo

The authors of the films: public and private institutions participating in the Week of prevention of professional risks at the meeting in 2013. These films are testimonies of activities conducted in enterprises.Targets of the films: in-house staff, share

Premios recibidos

Trophy Eloise = best film 2013 and highlight for the jury of the trophy of alternance 2013

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COTRAM (Compagnie de Transport des Mascareignes)
, France - DOM-97427 Etang Sale
00330 262262960500 www.cgss.re

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