Les og sjekk arbeidskontrakten

Título traducido al inglés

Read and make sure you know what is written in your employment contract

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01:16 minutos

Descripción del producto

The film consists of four scenes that each are connected to a statement about the most important elements of an employment contract. Humor and exaggeration is used throughout the movie, and the scenes illustrate some “worst case scenarios” that may happen if you don’t have an employment contract, or your employment contract is lacking important elements.

Objetivos y metas

Key message: You have the right to an employment contract - always. Aim: Knowledge about the importance of having an employment contract.

The motif of this production is to teach young people about their rights and duties as employees. We decided to narrow the key message down to the importance of having an employment contract, particularly in case of disagreements and conflicts. Lack of an employment contract is one of the most common violations of the Working Environment Act among young workers in Norway. The Norwegian Tax Administration visits 40.000 Norwegian pupils in upper secondary school each year with an educational program on tax and tax evation. We were invited to contribute with a session on important OSH-issues, to give them basic knowledge about their rights and duties at work. We chose to make a film because it would fit very well into the new interactive multimedia educational program they were making. The film is followed by discussions and questions among the pupils in the classroom. In addition the film will be used in our general communication towards young workers and in other channels like social media, stands and commercials. The other target group, foreign workers, face many of the same challenges as young workers, a translated version of the film will be used in our communication with them.

Público objetivo

Main target group: young workers and pupils in upper secondary school. Other target groups: foreign workers

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The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority
, Norway-7468 Trondheim

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Maridalsveien 87 - building. 3 , Norway-0461 Oslo