L’histoire de Claude Legault

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The story of Claude Legault

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02:30 minutos

Descripción del producto

The approach of realisation is simple and purified and gives confidence. On a white background, Claude Legault challenges young people by telling them the story of the accident which could have changed his life. He reminds them of the importance of requesting training and invites them to participate in the video competition. In addition to being the spokesman of the last TV spots/campaigns of CSST, he is credible and committed to young people and occupies a special place in artistic circles.

Objetivos y metas

The main objective is to make young workers aware of the risks and the consequences of occupational accidents and to encourage them to request training on occupational health and safety. For this purpose, young people were invited to become prevention

In order to reach its objectives, CSST focused on a strategy of reaching young people on the web and in the social media. In order to foster the viral marketing and to have a lever to make its competition of videos known to young people from 12 to 24 years, CSST partnered with Claude Legault, a popular actor appreciated by all in Quebec, in a video broadcast on the Web in which he describes an occupational accident he experienced and which could have had serious consequences for his future.

Público objetivo

Young workers (15 to 24)

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Commission de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CSST) du Québec
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