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Multimediale Salute e sicurezza alla guida di autoveicoli

Título traducido al inglés

Multimedia “Prevention and health guidelines for safe driving”

Descripción del producto

The training course here presented has the aim to inform the drivers on health and safety factors and behaviors to be adopted for accident prevention in driving motor vehicles, at work and in everyday life. In this perspective the course has been developed through sequences of cartoons, self-assessment tools and updated analysis on the most relevant risks referable to human factors, among these: perceiving  and reacting to danger; general  health problems and use of drugs;  tiredness and drowsiness; habit, diet and sleep pattern; organize a journey,  and  check vehicle conditions; use of electronic devices; safety measure and emergency.

Objetivos y metas

Road accidents represent one of the major economic and social issues for communities and companies. The causes of risks have been identified in environment, vehicle and man. In the same time we observe an increasing exchange of risk exposure between workplace and everyday life.  This emphasizes the need of a global risk assessment for answering to the pertinent request of prevention at work. Several studies and field analysis have shown the  importance of the driver’ behavior in relation to health status, life style, habits and practices. Driving at work, or in commuting from home to workplace, or for private reasons, experience risk root causes in common, here illustrated in order to stimulate curiosity to a closer examination of them by self assessment tools and updated knowledge on prevention measures.

The course has been proposed as open e-learning on eni’ internal web pages. The initiative has received a wide and encouraging consensus from Health & Safety delegates and workers, in Italy and abroad.

Health & Safety analysis have shown that road accidents can account, depending on job activity, over 50% of total injuries at work. Several technical and organization measures have been applied to face risks in driving motor vehicles at work, such as driving course, lesson learnt after real events, health surveillance. The course on object offer a new opportunity to investigate the sources of risk by self assessment tools supplied with in depth analysis to stimulate reflection on the importance of prevention measures to be adopted and  encourage, eventually,  an examination  of feelings and convictions.


Público objetivo

The training course is addressed to everyone who works in Eni.

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Eni SpA
Piazzale Enrico Mattei, 1, it-00144 Roma
+39659824238 - +393403310761