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"na prima - so geht´s" – Gesundheit stärken im Einzelhandel

Título traducido al inglés

„Well - that´s the way to do it” – Strengthen health in retail trade

Película: Duración en minutos

9:18 minutos

Descripción del producto

The film shows classical work situations in the market with appropriate tips for ergonomic design of work processes.

Objetivos y metas

Low-barrier access to movement and health awareness with high identification

During the "naprima" project, the development of various practical, innovative and multimedia products was the focus. Through measures and the different products the potential of the employees shall be mobilised. As appealing medium which can be easily integrated for the mediation of healthy working methods, this film was developed within the project.

Público objetivo

The film conveys movement and health awareness for employees in REWE stores. In addition, the naprima film offers market leaders and other multipliers such as prevention consultants / specialists for occupational safety an effective way of communicating in

Premios recibidos

BGHW Prevention Award 2010

Datos de contacto del editor

REWE-Zentralfinanz eG
Domstr. 20, Germany-50668 Köln
49(0)221149 192649(0)221149 9792

Datos de contacto del empresa productora

Mendelssohnstr.17, Germany-40223 Düsseldorf