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Near Enough (Interactive)

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Near Enough (Interactive)

Película: Duración en minutos

14 minutos

Descripción del producto

SELNACO: fictional, multinational energy company…UK Wind Power Division…Farley 2 Wind Farm…Three wind technicians are involved in a serious near miss… Who bears ultimate responsibility for this incident? And why does no one report it? As well as exploring the need for effective hazard and near miss reporting, we examine the part played by a number of factors in causing this incident, including issues around design, organisational systems and leadership competencies at all stages of the supply chain. At a key moment in the film, one of the wind technicians emerges from the screen and appears live in the room. Having been questioned and then coached by the audience, he goes back into the screen and changes the outcome… Though set in a fictional company and in a Wind Power environment, the themes and issues raised are designed to resonate within any organisation in possession of an organisational support function and an operational frontline. Near Enough (interactive) combines film, live performance and facilitated discussion in order to create maximum engagement. It is an adaptable piece and has been staged at large-scale Siemens management conferences as well as at onshore and offshore operational safety forums in the UK, mainland Europe and the EMEA region.

Objetivos y metas

Near Enough (interactive) was originally developed for the Siemens UK Energy Sector. Within the Energy Sector, the Siemens Wind Power division is experiencing particularly significant and rapid growth: implementing a consistent and robust safety culture in the context of this growth is a major challenge. The Siemens Zero Harm philosophy is that 'Safety First' has to be in the hearts and minds of all their employees and that everyone has a part to play: managers, operational teams, departmental functions and employees. To truly engage their people in this, Siemens believed that their approach had to move beyond conventional methods. Siemens invited ATT to work as a strategic partner, with the objective of developing a suite of interactive learning tools that can be used to build awareness, understanding, support, involvement and commitment to the creation of a Zero Harm culture. The 60 minute Near Enough (interactive) session is the first phase in the project and it seeks to: - Impact on an experiential and emotional level rather than on a purely intellectual one. - Build involvement and commitment to the creation of a successful ‘Systems + People’ safety culture. - Help define effective safety leadership behaviours and communication skills. - Engage leaders- at every level- in a better understanding of their obligation to be seen to ‘walk the talk’ on the Zero Harm message.

Good, filmed drama engages people on an emotional level as well as on an intellectual level. When watching a (good) film, people tend to become totally immersed in its world and to suspend their disbelief to the point that they actually believe that what they are viewing is real. The benefits of applying this medium to subject matter that deals with safety, behaviours and their consequences is obvious. No matter how powerful a film might be , however, the experience of watching it is essentially a passive one. Viewers might leave the film feeling deeply moved, but they have not been able to affect the outcome or the action or to engage actively with the protagonists. With Near Enough (interactive) we have developed a multi-media technique, combining film and live performance, in which a character from a film literally bursts through the screen and appears live in the room. This makes for a hugely impactful experience for those attending, as they are able actively to engage with this character and to intervene and alter the outcome of what is potentially a life and death situation.

Público objetivo

Existing target group: the workforce of Siemens Energy Sector.We wish now to attract Occupational Safety and Health leaders in Energy (especially renewables); Construction; Engineering and related industries who are looking for an innovative approa

Premios recibidos

iVCA Clarion Awards 2012: Gold. Best Interactive Corporate Communication

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Active Training Team Ltd.
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