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Profis in der Luft – Gesund und sicher fliegen

Título traducido al inglés

Professionals in the air – flying healthily and safely

Película: Duración en minutos

22:07 minutos

Descripción del producto

In the film flight attendants and pilots report on problems or hazards arising from everyday life in aviation. The film describes chronologically a routine working day. This working day begins long before entering the airplane: We see the performers at home, while packing and on their way to work, upon their arrival at the airport, during the briefing, on the crew bus and on the aircraft itself. Besides the main film the DVD offers detailed information and interviews on ergonomics, fear of flying, noise, sleep, stress and crisis. Last but not least the film makes clear that if you follow some basic rules of conduct, the profession of flight attendant still maintains what it promises: an exciting and diverse job with the unique opportunity of travelling worldwide.

Objetivos y metas

The job of flight attendant is interesting and responsible. Nonetheless, it also entails strains. The film provides information on these connections and on occupational safety and shows which strategies the individual can apply in order to stay healthy. By integrating the target group, it provides an insight into the issue and gives suggestions on how to deal with this subject. In trainings and seminars it can be used both for information and as a conversation starter.

Stewardesses and stewards are not only charming flight attendants and the "face" of their airline. With their activities, they also contribute to safety on board. For this, they need to adapt to new passengers and ever-changing crews. In addition, there is physical strain resulting from time differences or noise and other external conditions. A brochure of the BG Transportation "…." informs about causes and gives advice on stress management. The film complements this information. However, it goes one step further. It not only informs the target group but also gives voice to people concerned as well as to safety officers. Thus, it translates the subjective coping strategy in a comprehensive context with objective findings of experts. This form of mediation renders the statements authentic and enables an identification of the target group.

Público objetivo

The film addresses members of the aircraft cabin crew (stewardesses and stewards/pursers) and to trainers, who can use it for instructions and trainings.

Datos de contacto del editor / del empresa productora

Berufsgenossenschaft für Transport und Verkehrswirtschaft – BG Verkehr
Ottenser Hauptstraße54, Germany-22765 Hamburg