Safety, Your Word Your Life

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Safety, Your Word Your Life

Película: Duración en minutos

3:10 minutos

Descripción del producto

In this music video, singer-songwriter Boon Hui Lu croons about keeping your word on safety and walking the talk.

Objetivos y metas

To remind all individuals about the importance of safety and the promise to uphold the commitment of staying safe in the workplace.

This song was written by Boon Hui Lu for the WSH Songwriting Competition. It was announced as the top winner at the launch of National WSH Campaign 2016.

Público objetivo


National WSH Campaign

Premios recibidos

WSH Song Writing Competition

Datos de contacto del editor

Workplace Safety and Health Council
Bendemeer Road1500 - Ministry of Manpower Services Centre , Singapore-339946 Singapore

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Simei Street 1106 - n.a. , Singapore-520106 Singapore