SAFY (Safety Awareness For You)

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SAFY (Safety Awareness For You)

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SAFY®: Introducing the world's most innovative game, containing a range of challenging and rewarding safety situations. 

Objetivos y metas

SAFY® Training Effectively

Hands-on learning is much more effective than theory only, but it does have its drawbacks. SAFY® eliminates issues like limited availability or dangerous circumstances by providing a virtual simulation of the manufacturing plant. The simulation also allows players to make mistakes and experience the results of their decisions in a secure environment. 

Better SAFY® than Sorry

Unfortunately, behavioral change doesn't happen overnight. Lasting behavioral change and knowledge retention require challenge, repetition, and impact. It's these elementary didactic principles that make SAFY® such a powerful game. 

SAFY® = Safety Awareness

Creating top-down safety awareness can be challenging. Employees often feel management doesn't understand the issues they face, and think certain safety measurements are unrealistic or unnecessary. All this can get in the way of a smooth implementation. Gamification is a great way to create more company-wide support. 

SAFY® there's always another challenge

Although the challenges presented throughout the game require a uniform and consistent approach, players never encounter standard situations. They will need to stay alert and use their heads to solve complicated issues in atypical circumstances, with enough variation to keep things interesting — even on multiple playthroughs. 



SAFY® is currently playable online (Internet Explorer) and offline (Windows 8 and up), and will soon be released for iOS, macOS, Android, and Virtual Reality. 


SAFY® is centrally distributed via cloud. Naturally, our service provider creates daily backups to make sure SAFY® results and certificates remain accessible. 


Online access, login procedures, and individual user data are all protected from misuse though strict, GDPR-compliant security protocols. 


SAFY® is available worldwide, 24/7. All the more reason to ensure continuous safety awareness and appropriate behavior across the workplace. 


Players are able to view their individual statistics; management is also able to access and compare company-specific data. 


Receiving instructions in your own language can save lives. SAFY® is currently available in Dutch and English. Other languages will also be supported in future. 


Knowledge deteriorates over time! SAFY® is able to tell when a player’s knowledge is in danger of reaching—or may have already reached—critical levels. A simple repeat playthrough is all it takes to get up to speed! 


New technological insights and developments occur all the time. Its flexible design enables SAFY® to anticipate and quickly adapt to innovation and procedural change

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