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Sicheres Befahren von Behältern, Silos und engen Räumen

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Safe entering containers, silos and confined spaces

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Specialised information on the 13 hazardous areas when entering containers, such as e.g.oxygen deficiency, fall, sinking into bulk goods; ; Examples of accidents, estimation questions and videos draw attention to common errors and special features. 3 Practical examples in which risk assessment is actively carried out and the permit is issued. Practical implementation aids such as relevant regulations and rules, editable sample documents and useful PowerPoint slides as teaching aids.

Objetivos y metas

The information system helps entrepreneurs and superiors to identify and assess hazards when entering containers, silos and confined spaces, know and define preventive measures in the permit, plan rescue operations early, and carry out effective instruction. The range of information is available on the Internet as online version. In addition, the CD-ROM version, for example, can easily be integrated into a company's intranet, so that the information is directly available in the workplace.

Entrepreneurs, superiors and safety experts are responsible for occupational safety when entering containers, ie for health and safety at work. Since in most cases entering interrupts the normal production processes, managers often underestimate additional hazards occurring, which results in a lack or absence of preventive measures. Some of them even do not know the required preventive measures or do not communicate them. As entrepreneurs or superiors as a rule have only little "learning time", the users shall obtain quick and specific access to hazardous areas or chapters that are relevant to them. While entrepreneurs and superiors so far could only obtain knowledge on the basis of theoretical rules and regulations, they now are provided with practical and illustrative information medium. The aim of the software application is to sensitize the target group and to train and inform them and provide tools for safe organisation and implementation. The information system supports a self-organised and motivated acquisition of knowledge in the workplace and at home. It offers in the two main chapters of the program "specialised knowlege" and "case studies"systematic and action-oriented access to the learning content. The user acquires basic knowledge about individual hazards/ prevention measures, but also knowledge about safe organisation and monitoring of work processes. With regard to the target group it is no guided learning with subsequent knowledge control. Rather, the medium provides an open and clear navigation structure with random access on every screen. The user can individually access the information, which is relevant for him. For this purpose, the medium offers a main menu, table of contents and full-text search. Each of the 13 topics are introduced by an animated intro sequence accompanied by sound. Each topic of specialized information is introduced in this way. On the basis of estimation questions the user can verify whether he evaluates the respective hazard properly and whether he has the basic knowledge on the important preventive measure. After describing the hazards, the user´s attention is drawn to typical accident situations and he learns how to avoid them. Subsequently the user can familiarize himself in detail with preventive measures. In addition, important terms can be looked up in the dictionary. Concerning the case examples, the sequence of the contents is linear, yet , the user may also, for example, selectively access each screen for repeated view. Interactive and case-related work orders with regard to the most important tasks of the target group (risk assessment and permit issuance) are integrated into the relevant history of the case studies. The media product provided is used as illustrative and motivating information and learning medium as well as a reference work both at work and in training and instruction.

Público objetivo

Entrepreneurs, superiors and safety experts

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Comenius EduMedia Siegel 2009 (Version 1.0)

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