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Safe Hospital

Otro medio


The specialist portal Safe Hospital is an interactive online compendium for occupational health and safety in hospitals, clinics and related facilities. There is a graphical interface for users in the form of a virtual hospital to select individual work areas (e.g. the operating room), individual work equipment (e.g. an anesthesia machine) or typical activities (e.g. surgical cleaning). The assigned articles provide a clear and comprehensible description of the hazards associated with the work eqquipment or the activity, as well as suitable, tested and legally compliant protective measures. Pictures, graphics and films illustrate the statements. Online tools such as the media library with selected work safety media as well as market surveys in the form of databases for important work tools (e.g. safety devices), complete the portal's offer.

Mensaje del medio

With the specialist portal the rules of occupational health and safety should be presented more transparently and more practically for the actors in the health services. This promotes the implementation of the regulatory content and raises the standards of occupational safety in the member companies


Due to the complexity of the hospital operating mode, a large number of legal norms and a comprehensive, almost unmanageable, technical set of rules that must be taken into account during the establishment and operation of the facilities. With the interactive portal, a compendium of these legal foundations and regulations has been created. The products of the accident insurance funds and professional associations, which are already available for different subject areas, are effectively bundled and support the member companies in fulfilling their obligations in occupational health and safety.

Público objetivo

The target groups are the member companies of the accident insurance institutions (accident funds, professional cooperatives) in Germany in the field of health services, rescue services and the fire brigade. In addition, the portal is also aimed at

Datos de contacto del editor

Berufsgenossenschaft für Gesundheitsdienst und Wohlfahrtspflege (BGW)
Bonner Strasse337, Deutschland-50968 Köln

Datos de contacto del empresa productora

rend Medien Service GmbH
Bahnofstrasse1c, Deutschland-41747 Viersen