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Slip and trip toolbox 2013

Título traducido al inglés

Slip and trip toolbox 2013

Película: Duración en minutos


Descripción del producto

The tool includes videos, reference documents, quizzes, animated media in the form of slideshows…

Objetivos y metas

The findings: same-level falls or accidents are the leading cause of occupational accidents which lead to permanent disability in the EDF Group and affect all industrial and service professions. Prevention of this risk involves multiple levers: organisational, technical, environmental and human. The purpose of this tool is to offer a set of tools to allow all stakeholders involved in the fight against same-level accidents, especially managers, to launch an action plan tailored to their context.

Given the diversity of the levers to be implemented and the initiatives already undertaken by the EDF Group, it was decided to set up a multidisciplinary group to collect existing practices, identified within the companies of the Group, which have been improved upon and were proposed in a coherent way. The choice for a DVD, complementary to tools on the intranet, allows interactive use and facilitates the implementation of local actions on the ground.

Público objetivo

All employees of the EDF Group and employees of the contractor companies involved with the EDF Group. (160,000 people)

Datos de contacto del editor

Rue Kleber45, France-92309 Levallois-Perret

Datos de contacto del empresa productora

Kleber45, France-92309 Levallois-Perret