Trabalhar Seguro – Ihosvanny

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Work safely!

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The film is about vocational training in Angola, in particular in the construction sector. In this context occupational safety is a cross-cutting issue- as well as one that is specific. Here the Angolan artist Ihosvanny, participant at the Triennale of Luanda deals with the subject: take paintings and make a comic movie out of it which is spontaneously added with rhythms by Angolan musicians. Why a comic film by an Angolan artist? Mr. Ihosvanny: "Generally speaking – culture is dynamic, creative and innovative. Culture supports the social integration and development of a society. Thus, culture is closely interwoven with the development of a country, what is moreover the objective of the bilateral cooperation efforts between Angola and Germany. The little art film “Trabalhar seguro” shows that a boring subject as occupational safety can be presented in an entertaining and interesting way for young people."

Objetivos y metas

order provides (occupational) safety and can even be fun

Angolan artists (painter and musicians) spontaneously deal with the topic "occupational safety in construction". The Angolans are stongly visually and auditory oriented; the written word doesn´t have strong impact. In 2004 around 54% of the Angolans do not know how to read or write. Until today images and music still have a great influence. What is more, the big population of such a huge country as Angola, can only be reached by radio, television and cinema.

Público objetivo

Angolan people especially young people in apprenticeship training

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INEFOP - Institutio Nacional Emprego e Formacao Profissional
Rua de Timor53, Angola- Luanda

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