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Updating Medicina del Lavoro

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Updating Occupational Medicine

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Descripción del producto

In the main page regularly we make known and suggest events, scientific materials (Guidelines, Press Releases, Translations,...), information, news about Occupational Medicine. In the section "The Journal Updating medicina del lavoro" we provide all published issues of the online Open Access Journal Updating medicina del lavoro (ISSN 2283-9917) and we give information about our Principles, the Editorial Board, Guidelines for submitting contents. In the section "Multimedia" we share Scientific Documents, Pictures and Artworks (our "creations" or from other people) on Occupational Health, Safety and Prevention.

Objetivos y metas

Promoting an Open Access sharing and circulation of scientific information in Occupational Medicine with voluntary and free contributions. "Art and Science are free and free they should be to be taught to everybody..." (Article 33, Italian Constitution).

We think that this Project represents something new in the Occupational Medicine Community (at least in Italy) and is carried on mainly by young resident physicians in Occupational Medicine. This Website and our Open Access Journal can be an useful vehicle to reduce distances and differences (as in Italy as all over the World), can help to share different experiences and scientific material and can create professional relationship between young Occupational Physicians. All the activity is without commercial purposes, potential conflicts of interests and with a complete editorial freedom and based on voluntary contribution. Until now we are small and the Project is newborn but some people from other Universities (from Italy and other countries) contacted us and probably are willing to give us a helping hand.

Público objetivo

Medical students, post-graduate medical students, researchers, professors and physicians interested in Occupational Medicine

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Postgraduate School in Occupational Medicine at University of Siena
viale Bracci16, Italy-53100 Siena