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Walk the Talk: The Crossrail Target Zero Roadshow

Título traducido al inglés

Walk the Talk: The Crossrail Target Zero Roadshow

Película: Duración en minutos

5 minutos

Descripción del producto

The London Links Company; Borough Road site; London, Friday afternoon… With delays and a TBM launch on Monday, programme's behind and the pressure’s on. Something’s got to give. Will it be safety? Who decides? And who pays the price? This multi-media, interactive engagement piece from ATT combines filmed drama, live action and facilitated discussion, and seeks answers to urgent questions around leadership and responsibility at all levels of an organisation. ‘If Safety really is our number one priority then why are people still getting hurt?’

Objetivos y metas

Original aim was to remind leaders at all levels of the Crossrail Project on the need for them to ‘Walk the Talk’ when it comes to prioritising Safety over Programme; to show the potential operational consequences of mixed messaging in this respect; to engage and support site - based leaders in their crucial role as challengers of unsafe behaviours – up and down the chain of command.

Good, filmed drama engages people on an emotional level as well as on an intellectual level. When watching a (good) film, people tend to become totally immersed in its world and to suspend their disbelief to the point that they actually believe that what they are viewing is real. The benefits of applying this medium to subject matter that deals with safety, behaviours and their consequences is obvious. No matter how powerful a film might be, however, the experience of watching it is essentially a passive one. Viewers might leave the film feeling deeply moved, but they have not been able to affect the outcome or the action or to engage actively with the protagonists. With 'Walk the Talk' we have developed a multi-media technique, combining film and live performance, in which characters from a film literally burst through the screen and appear live in the room. This makes for a hugely impactful experience for those attending, as they are able actively to engage with theses characters and to intervene and alter the outcome of what is potentially a life and death situation.

Público objetivo

Original Target Group: Site-based Managers (from Construction Managers to Foremen to Supervisors to Gangers) across all sites on the Crossrail Project. Also some Operatives as well as more Senior Managers and Directors.We wish now to attract Occu

Premios recibidos

IVCA Clarion Awards 2014: Gold, Best Experiential Campaign; Gold, Best Interactive Communication; Bronze, Best Live Event.

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Active Training Team Ltd. (ATT)
Manwood Road71, United Kingdom-SE4 1AB London

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Active Training Team Ltd.
Manwood Road71, United Kingdom-SE4 1AB London
+44(0)8456436738 www.activetrainingteam.co.uk