We are One. For all.

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We are One. For all.

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8'40" minutos


The film we have prepared for this year’s Day of Reflection is a bit different from previous editions: it was made with excerpts from videos we received from our employees. We asked employees to send us their videos about health and safety and we received over 530 videos containing saliant, important messages. Our Day of Reflection film was a truly collective narrative constructed by the employees that shows we are already an engaged and cohesive community that cares for one another.

Mensaje del medio

Active genuine care is about turning individuals into a collective aspiration: Zero Harm. We need to have a sense of family and community within the company, where everybody cares about everybody and everybody takes care of everybody. We are part of an interconnected system where people suffer the consequences of the actions of others. What affects one, affects all. Then comes mutual care. I can depend on you, you can depend on me. Literally, we are together. The individual welfare of each one depends on the cooperation of everyone, the sense of being part of a team.


Vale had already been talking extensively about health and safety in recent years. So in this edition of the Day of Reflection, instead of continuing with an institutional dialogue - the company talking -, we chose to give a voice to employees. The messages about prevention and active genuine care that form the movie were taken from the videos received during the principle events of the year - the Internal Weeks of Health, the Environment and Accident Prevention. By empowering employees, the intention was to encourage them to be agents of change, letting them build their own engagement speeches. Thus, it was really a narrative built by all, with messages 'from you, to you.' A collective voice that reinforced the sense of belonging to a community.

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We are one of the world’s largest mining company, working with passion to transform natural resources into prosperity and sustainable development. Iron ore and nickel continue to be our main businesses while we boost the production capacity of our copper a


Day of Reflection 2014

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