WorkSafe Saskatchewan – Distracted Driving

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WorkSafe Saskatchewan – Distracted Driving

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WorkSafe engaged industry partners to provide research and anecdotal information to create two emotionally impactful television messages: one to address distracted driving and one to show the effects of a manufacturing injury.

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• Zero injuries is the only right number. • Zero injuries, zero fatalities, zero suffering. • It is up to every driver to remain undistracted and prevent collisions.

Background: The province of Saskatchewan, Canada is second-worst in the country for workplace injury. Saskatchewan has the highest mortality rate per capita for highway fatalities. • In 2012, Saskatchewan had a record number of highway fatalities. • For the first time ever, distracted driving passed drinking and driving as the cause of highway fatalities. • Certain areas of the province are experiencing high levels of traffic growth due to increased activity in the mining and oil and gas sectors. E.g. In the city of Lloydminster area, traffic has increased by 1000 more cars and 500 more semis daily since 2007. • TV remains the highest cited source where people remember seeing workplace safety advertising. The June WorkSafe Saskatchewan survey indicated that 75% of people heard workplace safety advertising through television and could recall ads from specific WorkSafe Saskatchewan messages.

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Audience:1. Employer groups in Saskatchewan, Canada high risk sectors of trucking, oil, gas, mining who operate firms on high traffic highways throughout the province. 2. Workers in high risk sectors of manufacturing, trucking, oil, gas 3. Drivers aged 20-

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