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„Zugänge zu Baustellen“ – Interaktive Schulung zur Arbeitssicherheit

Título traducido al inglés

"Accesses to construction sites" – interactive training of occupational safety

Descripción del producto

After having chosen the language, a self-explanatory training starts. A realistic cinematic bad example, which captivatingly demonstrates the consequences of misconduct, is the starting point. It is followed by a multiple choice question relating to misconduct. Only when all possible correct answers have been ticked, does the cinematic positive example follow. Subsequently, a question concerning correct behaviour in the shown situation is asked. Here too you can only proceed if all questions are answered correctly. Finally, the most important rules of conduct are faded in once again. With a simple navigation you can move back and forth between the single components.

Objetivos y metas

The objective of the interactive training series is to provide employees with a basic knowledge about essential building-specific fields of occupational health in a simple and easily understandable manner. Under the motto "Safety first. It is a matter of your life!", as many nationalities as possible are addressed by a close-to-reality and emotional presentation, which manages without a commentary.

The staff on German construction sites is getting more and more international. Subcontractors from all over Europe send their employees. Insufficient understanding and different working standards concerning safety present inherent dangers on the construction sites. In order to ensure the Group’s own safety standards and those of the BG BAU on their construction sites, HOCHTIEF AG has commissioned a series of interactive training CD ROMs, which solve the intercultural problem. First, a language selection is located upstream from the respective training course. 12 languages can be selected. From a small group to individual training, the construction manager can go through the single training modules with his employees. The programming was designed such that the CD-ROM can be run on any computer / laptop independently, without installing specific programs. Each training course is kept relatively short, so that it can be performed in short breaks. Emotional film examples are alternated with multiple choice questions. This way, the employee receives a direct feedback, which increases the learning effect.

Público objetivo

All employees on construction sites, be it the employees of the construction company or subcontractors. Construction managers.

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