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BC First Responders' Mental Health website

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BC First Responders' Mental Health website

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This website links first responders with events, initiatives, programs, and resources that the First Responders Mental Health Steering Committee and individual first responder agencies make available to help reduce the stigma of mental illness.

Mensaje del medio

Share it. Don't wear it. This tagline was created based on research with first responders, in order to be the framework to drive leaders in the first responder community to speak on mental health.


WorkSafeBC has seen a significant increase in the number of mental health claims registered by paramedics. We  brought first responder organizations across B.C.  to work together to actively promote positive mental health and provide the leadership and best practices (resources, awareness, education, training, and supports) that first responders, their communities, and leaders need.

Público objetivo

First responders and dispatchers (and their leaders) across B.C. In scope groups include policing, fire fighters, First Nations Emergency Support Services, paramedics, and Canada Border Services Agency.



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Dr. Joseph H. Cohen award

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