Day of Mourning 2020 - Radio

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Day of Mourning 2020 - Radio

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The following were stories played within radio spots of real people who have died from work-related injuries and illnesses.

Mensaje del medio

On April 28th, join us in remembering people who died, were injured, or suffered illness because of work.


In 1984, the Canadian Labour Congress established April 28th as the National Day of Mourning in Canada to remember and honour those who have died, been injured or suffered illness in the workplace. Each year we recognize the day by remembering those who have suffered a work related injury or illness, and encouraging people to rededicate themselves to workplace safety.

Público objetivo

People in Ontario who have jobs, General public


Multi-channel marketing campaign

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Workplace Safety and Insurance Board Ontario (WSIB)
200 Front Street West, ca-M5V 3J1 Toronto