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Der Flamingo

Título traducido al inglés

The Flamingo

Película: Duración en minutos

1:08 minutos


During a meeting in an architect office, a new building is being planned. The boss constantly has new - sometimes absurd - ideas about how the building should look like. The employees try to warn him that his plans cannot be implemented in the way he would like to, but he doesn't listen to the warnings.  At the same time, an intern builds the building out of cardboard according to his boss' ideas. It looks ridiculous, pink and disproportionately high, like a flamingo on one leg. The boss looks at the designed building with satisfaction, slams the door on his way out and the cardboard building collapses immediately.

Mensaje del medio

The clip shows, in a humorous way, how one should not behave as a manager.


The clip was produced as part of the prevention campaign kommmitmensch of the German statutory accident insurance.

Público objetivo


Prevention campaign

Datos de contacto del editor / del empresa productora

Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung e.V. (DGUV)
Glinkastraße 40, de-10117 Berlin
+49 30 13001-1441