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Video clip (2 of 6) about fall accidents from ladders as a means of transport. Due to serious consequences of fall accidents among temporary workers, an animated video series “A question of brains” („Grips statt Gips“), a total of six clips, was created with the goal of prevention. Typical situations are shown, as they can occur not only in temporary employment. In contrast to real life, time has been turned back in the clip and the crash in the respective situation is prevented by changes in the framework conditions. In order to support the employees, concrete examples of action are shown of how crash accidents can be prevented.

Objetivos y metas

The clips, which are aimed first at temporary employees and second at their supervisors, are intended to raise awareness of both behavioral and situational prevention in the area of fall accidents. Language skills are not required to understand the clips, as they do not use language. The clips were developed for temporary employment, but are being used in other industries. The clips are embedded on a website where the topic of "fall accidents" is presented in an industry-specific way for different target groups. The clips can be used to reach employees directly in training situations.

Público destinatario

Trabajadores jóvenes, Pequeñas y medianas empresas (PYMES), Supervisores y gerentes, Especialistas en SST

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Verwaltungs-Berufsgenossenschaft (VBG)
Massaquoipassage 1 - Koordinator Präventionsfeld Zeitarbeit , Germany-22305 Hamburg
+49 521 5801-159

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aha! film GmbH
Neue Weinsteige 40, Deutschland-70180 Stuttgart
+49 7154 817 9834