Das sichere Anrücken

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The safe approach

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The submitted medium of the accident insurance North-Rhine Westphalia (Unfallkasse Nordrhein-Westfalen) is an animated explanatory video for fire departments in Germany. In the video, the prevention-relevant topic of "safely approaching" to fire departments is explained. In the linguistic usage of the fire departments in Germany, "approaching" is understood as, for example, the journey from the private home to the fire station in the event of an alarm. In Germany, the majority of firefighters are volunteers. Accident statistics show many accidents due to falling and stumbling. This video was created to ensure that, when traveling to the fire station under high time pressure, firefighters arrive as safely as possible and do not have an accident.

Objetivos y metas

The explanatory video pursues the goal of advising responsible persons, architects and fire department members in a clear and easy-to-understand manner in the fulfillment of their tasks in safety and health protection in modern digital form on the PC, tablet or smartphone. It also provides practical assistance in risk assessment and instruction on accident risks when approaching the fire station. A voiceover text (German/English) also exists for the video. The technical video supports the information already available in text form in the online specialist portal "Safe Firefighting" at www.sichere-feuerwehr.de.

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Unfallkasse Nordrhein-Westfalen
Salzmannstraße 156, Germany-48159 Münster
0251-2102-3143 - +49 15114828896 https://www.unfallkasse-nrw.de/

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