Hygienemaßnahmen für gefährliche Arbeitsstoffe – Kampagne: Gib Acht, Krebsgefahr!

Título traducido al inglés

Hygiene and hazardous substances – Campaign: Pay attention!

Película: Duración en minutos

2:02 minutos


The short explanatory video intends to sensitize employees to the topic of hygiene when handling hazardous or carcinogenic substances. It shows important hygiene tips for even more safety at work. The video is available on the AUVA YouTube channel http://www.auva.at/youtube in German and English.

Mensaje del medio

Hygiene in the workplace is important! Especially when working with carcinogenic or dangerous substances. Because if these substances are carried away, they can enter the body unnoticed.


Many workers are unaware that a lack of hygiene when handling hazardous substances increases the risk of health impairment. The video is an appeal to adhere to basic rules of hygiene and was developed as part of the AUVA campaign "Watch out, risk of cancer!" and used in lectures, training courses and visits to companies by AUVA.

Público objetivo



Prevention campaign

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