Nicht so lässig wie du denkst

Título traducido al inglés

Not as cool as you think

Película: Duración en minutos

0:20 minutos


Two young people stand in front of a bar in the city centre. She looks at her smartphone, he comes out the door to smoke.

He elegantly snaps a cigarette into his mouth.

When their eyes cross briefly, they are immediately attracted to each other.

He gets close to her and they look deep into each other's eyes.

He takes another deep puff.

A strong coughing attack stops the young love's happiness abruptly, he coughs his soul out and she flees into the restaurant.

Mensaje del medio

Our target group is young school students age 14 to19. Through our clear message we have tried to prevent youngsters from the persistent cliché that smoking is cool and to give them a clear view on the subject. The spot was produced on the occasion of new Austrian youth protection regulations 2019, which raised the minimum age for smoking to 18 years old. The spot refers to the persistent image that shows smoking as a cool activity. However, modern health consciousness simply does not allow for the transfigured romanticism of the smoke. So we have shown in a cinema style video what has to be clearly communicated to the younger generations: smoking is simply not cool.


The spot was produced primarily for the cinema. Over a period of several months it ran in cinemas in the Austrian provinces of Styria, Salzburg, Vorarlberg, Burgenland, Carinthia and Upper Austria and could thus reach a large number of young people. In addition, the video is now being distributed on all social media platforms and relevant websites of the participating federal states.

Público objetivo

Cinema audiences throughout Austria

Premios recibidos

Green Panther 2019 Bronce - Category Motion Pictures

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Lagergasse 18, at-8020 Graz