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Online-Tool "AUVA-Arbeitsstoffverzeichnis" – Kampagne: Gib Acht, Krebsgefahr!

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Online-Tool "AUVA-Inventory of dangerous substances" – Campaign: Pay attention!

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Free and user-friendly online tool (web application) for the creation and administration of the "List of Hazardous Substances", which is legally required in Austria. The online tool makes it easier for companies to create and maintain a hazardous substances register for their operations. It offers the following features, for example:
Search and add substances: Users can search for agents in the catalogue and transfer data to their own directory with just one click, without tedious typing of safety data sheets. Each new substance entered by users expands the selection catalogue for all users. Before an agent is added to the catalogue, AUVA checks the completeness and correctness of the user entries using safety data sheets and the limit value regulation. Manufacturers who provide AUVA with safety data sheets of their products for this purpose contribute to the expansion of the working materials catalogue and are listed in the online tool as "Participating Companies".
Record the quantities of substances used and protective measures in their own directory.
Risk assessment: The "inhalation risk" of agents or of agents at certain workplaces can be assessed. This helps in the prioritisation of protective measures. Among other things, users receive a risk matrix as a result.
Reports for documentation: Users can choose from report variants with different levels of detail (e.g. standard report or report including PSA).
Current limit values: The tool displays automatically the current limit values for ingredients in its own directory.

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The list of hazardous working materials is important! It provides you with an overview of which employees in your company come into contact with which substances, where and how often. Only those who know this can effectively prevent accidents at work and occupational diseases. With the AUVA online tool it is possible to create and maintain the hazardous substances directory with little effort.


Despite legal obligations, SMEs in particular often do not keep a register of hazardous substances. However, this list is a prerequisite for identifying risks of substances and taking the right protective measures. In order to make it easier for companies to implement these measures and thus support the prevention of possible accidents at work and occupational diseases, AUVA has developed a user-friendly online tool that can be used free of charge as part of its prevention campaign "Watch out, risk of cancer!


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Prevention professionals and employers

Prevention campaign

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