Pflanzenschutzmittel sicher anwenden – Kampagne: Gib Acht, Krebsgefahr!

Título traducido al inglés

Safe use of plant protection products – Campaign: Pay attention!

Película: Duración en minutos

1:54 minutos


The explanatory video illustrates possible hazards caused by pesticides. Using typical activities, it shows how pesticides can be handled safely and which measures protect against health hazards. The video is available in German on the AUVA YouTube channel

Mensaje del medio

Pesticides can be dangerous to the health of users. However, safe working is possible through the correct handling of these agents and compliance with the STOP principle (priority of protective measures).


The health hazard of pesticides is often underestimated by users (farmers, employees in market gardens or in green space maintenance). Necessary protective measures are therefore not always implemented consistently enough. The explanatory video was produced in cooperation with the Austrian Social Insurance Institution for the Self-Employed (, which is responsible for accident prevention and prevention of occupational diseases of farmers. The video was developed as part of the AUVA campaign "Watch out, risk of cancer!" and is used for instruction purposes or to raise awareness in the context of training courses.

Público objetivo

Users of plant protection products (workers in green space maintenance and gardening companies; farmers)

Prevention campaign

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AUVA - Austrian Workers Compensation Board
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