Recyclage DEEE. J'adopte les bons gestes

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E-waste recycling : the right approach

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This film focuses on the exposure to chemical risk of operators of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) recycling centers and on good practices to prevent this risk. The film is divided into four sequences: dismantling, protective equipment, cleaning of the workstation, hygiene at work.     

Mensaje del medio

It is possible to generate dust and breathe toxic products when recycling this waste. Chemicals are dangerous for the environment, for the operators and in some situations, for the people around them. Exposure to hazardous products can be eliminated or reduced by doing the right things, which are described in the film.              


The risks associated with the recycling of WEEE are quite common but not well known by operators. The main risks to which operators are exposed: chemical risks, cuts, or handling. Depending on the waste to be treated, the recycling operation does not expose to the same risks: for cathode-ray screens, there is a risk of lead dust release and for flat screens, there is a risk of exposure to mercury and lead vapors.

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operators and supervisors

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