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Safety Education App for Africans

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Safety Education App for Africans

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The Safety Chic Compass  is a Safety Education App that contains self developed blog posts, video courses, child safety story books, podcasts, books and other resources targeted at African teachers and parents which teaches about safety in a simple and relatable way. The topics covered teach them how to prevent avoidable accidents affecting children at school and at home. Every month, new content that is relevant to our African context is added to ensure that they have continuous supply of information that promotes a culture of prevention.

Mensaje del medio

The message of this app is basically to provide complex safety knowledge in a simple and relatable way so that African parents and teachers across the continent can learn at their convenience, take responsibility and apply accident prevention efforts at home and in school.


Ugochi Obidiegwu also known as "The Safety Chic '' on social media because of her work in raising safety consciousness has done some work over the past 4 years educating children, parents and teachers on child safety and school safety topics. Directly, she has trained over 6000 children and over 2000 parents and teachers in Nigeria and Ghana. However, more people began to reach out to her from other African countries like Sierra Leon, Namibia, South Sudan, Botswana and Zambia about bringing the child safety and school safety message to their countries. Therefore, she decided to create a tool that can help her share her message of accident prevention through safety education in  an accessible and cost effective format.

This led to the development of The Safety Chic Compass an app that provides tailored safety education that suits the African context for African parents and teachers. It provides capacity development resources to enable you reduce avoidable accidents which can affect children in your care. The goal is to reach a diverse number of people with practical safety knowledge that can be used in personal lives and in teaching others.

Público objetivo

African teachers and parents

Premios recibidos

In 2019, she won the Africa Safety Awards for Excellence (AFRISAFE) in the "Shining Star" category. That award category is targeted at "someone below 40 dedicated to the continuous improvement in safety or has raised awareness through various healt

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