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We are living in a time where technology and innovation are deeply affecting all our world. What used to be part of science fiction not long ago - like collaborative robots, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, self-driving vehicles, bionics, virtual and augmented reality or wearable technology – today is reality. Through the connection of evocative images and powerful words, this short and impactful video, produced by LHS Foundation, makes us think about the consequences that this “perfect storm of change” will have on the way we live and work, with a special focus on health and safety.

Mensaje del medio

In such a changing horizon, sometimes the future can be frightening. If we don’t want to be overwhelmed by change, we have to focus on what remains constant. In other words, we need to protect human characteristics like creativity, imagination, intuition, emotion and ethics; we need to strengthen values like honesty and justice, the ability to come together and cooperate, feelings of friendship, trust and love, the search for happiness and safety. Because “technology will lend us a hand more and more, but it will never replace the human heart”.


Technology is deeply and quickly changing our habits and we need to carefully study and understand its impact, if we want to take advantage of the big improvements it offers without being unprepared to the challenges and risks it poses. But even before doing that, we need to stop for a moment and understand where we want to go and what we want to be in the future. This video has been launched within Saipem and freely shared on the LHS Foundation YouTube channel as an emotional tool able to give us the opportunity to recognize the importance of addressing this issue with a clear focus: our identity as human beings, that technology will never change.

Davide Scotti, Head of HSE Culture, Communication & Training at Saipem and General Secretary of LHS Foundation will personally attend the World Congress in Toronto and is available to present the project. He was one of the winners at the Prevention Media Festival in Frankfurt in 2014 with the film “What Comes First”.

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HSE specialists, workers, citizenry

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