Sharing Love For Health and Safety 2019 Montage

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Sharing Love For Health and Safety 2019 Montage

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This creative montage video collects images about safe driving: it was created using all the videos participating in the “Sharing Love for Health and Safety Contest 2019”, a contest launched every year in Saipem to encourage employees to share messages related to health and safety through creative means of communication. The 2019 edition, entitled “Drive your safety”, was dedicated to the topic of road safety. What makes this video unique is that it contains extracts from 14 short videos shot in 11 different countries from all over the world (Croatia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Italy, UK, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, India, Serbia, Indonesia, France), everyone with its own way of addressing such an important theme, but all sharing the same concept: we need to respect driving rules to protect ourselves and people around us, because safety is everyone’s responsibility.

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According to the report published in 2018 by the World Health Organization, road accidents cause 1.35 million deaths worldwide every year. Risk factors include: high speed, careless driving - mainly due to the use of mobile phones - and failure to use safety devices such as helmets, seatbelts and child safety seats. This video is meant to inspire people all over the world within Saipem, regardless of their different culture or mindset, to adopt the same right driving habits, focusing especially on the importance of following three basic safety measures: no use of mobile phones while driving, compliance with speed limits and, above all, compulsory use of seatbelts.


Saipem “Sharing Love for Health and Safety Contest”, that reached in 2019 its 8th edition, is linked with the World Day for Safety and Health at Work on 28 April, and is revived each year with new ideas and trends. The aim of the initiative is to unleash creativity and unite workers from all over the world around the same health and safety values. The 2019 edition was dedicated to safe driving, a crucial topic for the company, who is putting a significant effort in reducing the number of road accidents that occur on construction sites, as well in working areas or while commuting to work. To assure visibility, the evaluation process was carried out involving Saipem’s top management and the winners of the contest were announced worldwide during Saipem Annual Meeting, at the presence of the CEO. This montage video, together with all the participating videos, has been shared on the company’s communication channels and will be used as a tool for further developments of the safe driving campaign.

Davide Scotti, Head of HSE Culture, Communication & Training at Saipem and General Secretary of LHS Foundation will personally attend the World Congress in Toronto and is available to present the project. He was one of the winners at the Prevention Media Festival in Frankfurt in 2014 with the film “What Comes First”.

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HSE specialist, Employee, Citizenry


Internal creative contest

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