Stress lass nach - Gefährdungsbeurteilung psychischer Belastung bei Siemens

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Tackle stress at work – Psychosocial Risk Management at Siemens

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The key prevention tool at Siemens is the risk assessment of mental stress. Managers are responsible for carrying this out and for introducing necessary improvement measures. In terms of content, the focus is on workplace factors that can have both positive and negative effects on health. Four areas are analyzed: work tasks, work organisation, work environment and cooperation. There are three ways of recording mental stress - questionnaires, workshops or workplace analyses. The methods can also be combined as required. The film is primarily intended to inform managers, but also employees about this tool and motivate them to get involved in improving workplace conditions.

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Siemens offers tools for evaluating workplace factors. An assessment of these in relation to mental stress is an effective prevention tool. 50 percent of employees in Germany consider themselves at moderate to high risk of burnout. We as a company must act in the spirit of Healthy @ Siemens here to protect our employees.

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Managers at Siemens

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