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Trabalhe com segurança! Seus filhos esperam por você!

Título traducido al inglés

Work safely! Your kids wait for you!

Película: Duración en minutos

5 minutos


We invited a group of employee´s kids to record a film reinforcing the importance of the correct use of personal protective equipments. After concluded this film was presented to an audience of 300 leadership including the kid´s parents to celebrate the crop season. During the same year the film was also presented during the company Safety week to a group of almost 6000 employees.




Mensaje del medio

Currently this film is part of our induction training for new employees. The main purpose of the video was to increase the engagment of our leadership team and reinforce the safety procedures at the workplace in order to ensure that all employees will come back home safely.


This film was recorded on a public park placed at the city of São José do Rio Preto, São Paulo State, Brazil, a common place used for brazilians to play and enjoy holidays with their kids.

Público objetivo

Employees and their relatives

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Av José Munia, 4775 – Jardim Redentor - Loja 01 Nível 3 , br-15085-350 São José do Rio Preto
+5517996530246 - +5517996530246