Une démarche d'analyse d'accident du travail : aide à la personne

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An approach for analysing occupational accidents at work (home care sector

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4 minutes 44 minutos


The aim of this film is to make personal assistance staff aware of a multifaceted representation of work-related accidents involving the notions of work organization, co-activity, training, qualifications, experience, methods, equipment, ambiences and workspaces, and to raise awareness of a concrete case of work-related accident.    

Mensaje del medio

The accident often has a multifaceted origin. The use of an accident analysis method is necessary and makes it possible to find preventive solutions.   


This film is combined with educational resources in a training tool. It will enable trainees to carry out an investigation to analyze the accident with a method including the cause tree. At the disposal of the trainee investigators, testimonies and documents related to the work environment, regulations etc. are available. At the disposal of the trainers, pedagogical resources to guide them during the training.

Público objetivo

employees in the relevant sector

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