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Vision Zero aur Saat Rehnuma Asool - Billu Aur Dhillu Animated Video

Título traducido al inglés

Vision Zero and Seven Golden Rules - Billu & Dhillu Animated Video

Película: Duración en minutos

16:45 minutos


The animated video shows a factory, based in the heart of the Punjab, where Billu and Dhillu work. In a lighthearted and entertaining manner, the video presents the Seven Golden rules and the importance of occupational safety and health in the workplace. Billu is diligent while Dhillu is negligent and together, the video portrays their lives and the lessons they learn in the workplace.

Mensaje del medio

The animated video uses the local context, along with local characters and Urdu language to connect with the audience, make them laugh and also make them learn about the importance of their health and well-being and to raise awareness regarding the Vision Zero campaign. It is a message on safety and well-being and is a step towards establishing a culture of prevention in the textiles and garment industry in Punjab.


GIZ's Labour Standards Programme (LSP) works closely with the Labour & Human Resource Department (L&HRD) and has developed an animated video with the aim of localising the international prevention campaign on on Vision Zero and its Seven Golden Rules in the province of Punjab in Pakistan. Two animated characters have been introduced, namely Billu and Dhillu, who personify the average worker in the textile and garment industry.

Público objetivo

Textile and garments industry - middle management and workers


Prevention campaign

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Office no. 3, 12th Floor, Tricon Corporate Centre, Jail Road, Lahore - Punjab , pk-54000 Lahore
+92 302 856 3391 - +92 302 856 3391