Was ist "Industrie 4.0"?

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What is "Industry 4.0"?

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Industry 4.0 and digitalization is on everyone's lips. But what do you actually understand by these buzzwords?
The short video explains the most common terms used in Industry 4.0 as simply and clearly as possible:
Cloud computing
Industry 4.0
Internet of things
Digital factory and digital twin
Smart person

The video also points out that new dangers can arise from networking and that the areas of safety (e.g. occupational safety) and security (e.g. cybersecurity) can therefore interact.

The English version was produced in cooperation with the ISSA Section for Machine and System Safety.

Link to the video (German) https://youtu.be/Gxe3Ypvc3Cs
Link to the video (English) https://www.safe-machines-at-work.org/fileadmin/user_upload/video/AUVA-Industrie4.0_EN.mp4

Mensaje del medio

The message of the video is that Industry 4.0 is a logical technical development that is not to be feared. The opportunities but also challenges for occupational safety will be discussed.


Many terms related to Industry 4.0 are often used in various contexts, but rarely simply explained. The video is intended to close this gap with simple messages for interested parties.

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