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'What I Know Now' Employer campaign: conto boxes, BC Ferries

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'What I Know Now' Employer campaign: conto boxes, BC Ferries

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This is an interactive advertisement that features Melania Lucia from BC Ferries. When the user hovers over the ad unit for at least 3 seconds a pop up shows employer videos that feature business owners and bosses who share their workplace health and safety knowledge and experience. It also shows other information such as tips, facts, and other tools and resources to educate employers and nurture a culture of health and safety on the job.

Mensaje del medio

It's your responsibility to keep your young workers safe at work and to create a culture where young workers are encouraged to ask questions.


BC Ferries was a partner in this campaign to generate awareness by employers about their legal responsibilities for safety in the workplace and the importance of creating a culture where workers feel comfortable asking questions. With the theme 'What I know Now', employers in B.C. share their experiences of when they were a young worker in their first job - what they thought of then, and what they know now.

Público objetivo

Employers across all industries, health and safety industries


Digital campaign that includes interactive elements, infographics, video, social media.

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