Solmax Safety Reflex Film – six language versions

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Solmax Safety Reflex Film – six language versions

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01:45 minutes

Description du produit

To introduce Solmax’s new Health & Safety guidelines (the ‘Safety Reflex’) a campaign of 6 videos was launched internally, in 6 different languages, to educate our employees around the world. An original song for the films was written and scored, and then recorded by a children’s choir. The ‘rap’ verse was translated and recorded by different children in the 6 languages, to create videos that were specific & relatable to each of our main regions around the world. The lyrics and visuals all speak to the 3 main pillars of Health & Safety in our company in a memorable and emotive way.

Objectif et finalité

Everything starts with Solmax’s employees, so of course the company’s priority is to ensure the health and safety of everyone in the workplace. To make this a reality, we needed each employee around the globe to fully commit to our new Health & Safety Guidelines, what we call the ‘Safety Reflex’. The videos were created to showcase several work situations related to Solmax’s critical risks, in a way that was impactful and memorable – it needed to touch an emotional cord. It also needed to be engaging enough for employee’s the watch the entire video through, at least twice, and share it with their families.

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