A Electricista!

Titre traduit en anglais

The electrician!

Film: Durée en minutes

04:37 minutes

Description du produit

The video clip "A Eletricista" tells the story of three female electricians who explain other women at home, how electrical problems may be solved by themselves. The clip is used inter alia to demonstrate that the issue of work safety, which usually is considered from the perspective of paid labour also applies for the household work of women. http://www.formpro-angola.org/pt/article/125.a-eletricista.html

Objectif et finalité

- the work environment of women/housewives is everyday work and everyday work means the rules of occupational safety must be observed (housewife work is labour) - if I want to reach the relevant target group, I have to address the target group and don´t wait for them to head towards me.. - technology is also interesting for women

After 30 years of Civil war, which has destroyed the knowledge base, it is of great importance that knowledge and skills have to be transmitted to all members of society, especially to women. And perhaps unusual approaches have to be adopted. This includes transmitting technical skills, especially to woman, who usually are the managers of everyday work. In such a society with 20 million people on an area as Germany, France and Poland put together, and in which not everyone is literate, pictures, films and television play a significant role.

Public cible

- women and men in Angola – especially girls- decision makers in Angolan vocational education system - population of Angola

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