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Arbeitsplatz Schwimmbad

Titre traduit en anglais

Workplace swimming pool

Film: Durée en minutes

40:03 minutes

Description du produit

In 11 modules and three additional modules topics are presented that deal with occupational health and safety and its implementation in swimming pools. Especially activities with high risk potential are dealt with, e.g.: - work activities on chlorine gas equipment - work activities involving hazardous substances for water treatment - cleaning and disinfection works - working in water tanks - work activities on filter vessels - supervisory activities at the pool edge

Objectif et finalité

The film shall help to design and operate swimming pools in such a way that they do not present hazards to the safety and health of employees, contractors and bathers. The film is designed as educational film and for instruction purposes with the aim to allow safe working in swimming pools. The film has a modular structure, deals with specific high risk activities in swimming pools and offers practical examples of solutions.

In the past, it became ever more apparent that swimming pool employees underestimated the potential hazards of their work activities. Serious accidents were the result. The DVD is designed to sensitize swimming pool employees for occupational safety and health with exemplary protection measures for more safety in pools. The medium of film has been chosen because it can be used for safety instructions and has a high acceptance among the target group.

Public cible

Swimming pool employees

Coordonnées de l'éditeur

Am Schildchen8, Germany-53859 Niederkassel

Coordonnées de la société de production

Am Schildchen8, Germany-53859 Niederkassel