Arbeitsschutzfilm für sichere und gesunde Küchenarbeit

Titre traduit en anglais

Film on occupational safety and health for kitchen work

Film: Durée en minutes

19 minutes


Film on occupational safety and health for kitchen work 1 Intro 2 Survey on hazards 3 Cuts 4 Burns and scaldings 5 Tripping, slipping and falling accidents 6 First aid 7 Lifting and carrying 8 Working on ladders 9 Work in wet environments 10 Noise 11 Fire protection 12 Activities with hazardous substances 13 Stress 14 Termination 15 Conclusion 16 End credits

Message du média

Authentic promotion for safe and healthy kitchen work!


The departments "Company Canteen" of both, the Berlin Transport and Berlin Cleaning Services had the desire to produce modern media for operational instructions. The German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the public sector in Berlin signaled support for the project. Already the process of making the film increased awarness of those involved regarding accident prevention and health protection.

Groupe cible du média

Employees in commercial kitchen, canteen kitchen, catering industries and restaurant kitchen

Coordonnées de l'éditeur

Berliner Stadtreinigung – BSR
Ringbahnstraße96, Germany-12103 Berlin

Coordonnées de la société de production

MovingIMAGE24 GmbH
Stralauer Alle7, Germany-10245 Berlin