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Balansguiden – om livet med jobbet (

Titre traduit en anglais

The Balance Guide – life with work

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Description du produit

"Balansguiden" is a guide to finding the right balance between work and the rest of their life. It’s not always easy when you’re managing your own hours and duties. We hope this guide will help the target group to reflect on their own situation and what works for themselves.

Objectif et finalité

Occupational safety and health doesn´t have to be boring or complicated. We help the target group to sort things out and to create awareness about the challenges of the borderless work life. "A simple and easy-to-use tool that raises important questions without lecturing the user”.

A need to address the challenges of the modern work life, , as well as an increasing number of civil servants (white collar work force) in Sweden.

Public cible

All of those individuals that have the possibility to manage how and when their job will be performed. The white collar work force within Swedish companies.

Prix gagnés

Swedish e-learning awards 2016

Coordonnées de l'éditeur

Prevent in Sweden
Södermalmsallén 36, Sweden-10460 Stockholm

Coordonnées de la société de production

Stora Gråmunkegränd 9, Sweden-11127 Stockholm