Construction Project Supervisors

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Construction Project Supervisors

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4:57 minutes

Description du produit

A construction inspector and the Provincial Coordinator for the Construction Sector explain the qualifications and duties of a construction site supervisor. They then show what happens during a site inspection and what the inspector looks for to ensure compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. These "inspector" videos use ministry inspectors, not actors. By showing what construction site supervisors must do to be in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and its Construction Regulation, the ministry expects to achieve increased cooperation during its inspections and improved workplace health and safety in that sector. As well, by using actual ministry inspectors in the video instead of actors, the video helps put a "human face" on our inspection staff, showing that they are experts in their field.

Objectif et finalité

- Supervisors are the key people for ensuring health and safety on construction projects. - This is what a Minsitry of Labour inspector looks for from the supervisor during an inspection of a construction project.

Video is a cost-effective vehicle to get a message across to a large audience. Videos are put on the Ministry of Labour website. Various associations and trade media link to them. Employers use the videos during health and safety meetings. As well, copies of the videos are sent to associations for use during conferences, etc.

Public cible

Construction employers, supervisors and workers.

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